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The Hercules Foundation's 1st Christmas

As Christmas 2016 approached, The Hercules Foundation wanted to make an ever lasting first impression. Through multiple charitable donations, the foundation was able to sponsor its 1st Family for the Holidays!

The special family was that of a current Fairfax County PD officer who received the unfortunate news that their infant daughter had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. While this sweet, joyful girl continues to fight through treatment, the foundation wanted to provide a little semblance of holiday cheer!

One of the goals of The Hercules Foundation is to give back to the communities in which Ryan felt so at home, both in town and in the brotherhood of officers. whether it is helping with home repairs or renovations or spreading holiday cheer, the foundation has pledged to help out in whatever manner possible to ease the burden of those families during unusual times.

Happy Holidays from The Hercules Foundation family to yours!

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